Articles by: Sophie

Why Fast Feedback Cycles Matter – by Jan Bosch

When studying software-intensive systems companies, one of the interesting observations is that they all evolve in the same way. In earlier research, we have referred to this as the “Stairway to Heaven”. In the figure below, the speed dimension of the Stairway to Heaven model is shown. This model is […]

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Design thinking and agility at scale: a perfect match! by Adrien Hembert

Close philosophies, collaborative logic, iterative approaches, the establishment of multidisciplinary teams and a constant concern to place the user at the heart of the design process: on many points, Design Thinking and Agility share similarities. If Design Thinking is about identifying the “true” need and the solution to it (the […]

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Digital transformation begins with the customer!

Success in the digital world requires a smart combination of ‘customer experience’ and a sharp price (‘operational excellence’). It needs a strategy that stands firmly on its two legs. Customer experience and journey Digital transformation begins with the customer! Starbucks is a good example of a company that wins on […]

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