inspearit is constantly on the look out for new talents in each country

We are looking  for passionate and motivated personalities:

 Senior: at least 7 years in one of our market segments and business knowledge, sharing experiences of scaling agile and actively guiding organizational changes

 Focused: proficient in change management, agility, design thinking, innovation and coaching


I have great colleagues who are very knowledgeable and who love to work together. For me, inspearit has proven to be a good place to develop my ideas further. We work for major players in the market, I’ve had assignments at KLM, ABB Switzerland and Rabobank I had the opportunity to coach the combined agile teams of ABB Switzerland and India working on ABB’s power electric controller. It was a good challenge to coach the teams in Switzerland and India. It was great to see how the business and software development teams have grown and now work together in prioritizing features and developing the software.

Ruud Bruls
Ruud Bruls Senior Consultant in the Netherlands, SPC4

The main treasure of inspearit is that the women and men are all part of it. It’s really inspiring to work for this company, no day is like any other. My job is truly rewarding, especially when, after only a few months in the company, some employee thanked me for my energy, optimism and things I had implemented.

Thu-Thy Trinh
Thu-Thy Trinh Chief Happiness Officer

I first integrated inspearit as part of an internship, and I've now been here for more than 2 years. I think that what I enjoy the most, as a relatively young consultant, is the possibility to conduct projects and missions with real autonomy. I also enjoy the experiences and feedback from my senior colleagues. At the very beginning, one of them told me “As a consultant you need to go your own way”, and to me that's the main strength of inspearit: being able to build my own personal way of working in a friendly and supportive environment.

Arthur Duchet Suchaux
Arthur Duchet Suchaux Digital Consultant in France

To date Inspearit has given me the opportunity to challenge myself, making the adventure all the more exciting thanks to the gifted and highly professional team of colleagues I collaborate with. Our Clients have great expectations and the most exciting part is when I start to see the changes happening and the benefits for the people involved. My best memory is related to an “Open Space” event I proposed and facilitated for a Client. More than a hundred people had enjoyed their time together while discussing and solving relevant company issues and had recognized, in the end, all of the value coming from the agile transformation path we had experienced together.

Stefano Lucantoni
Stefano Lucantoni Senior Consultant in Italy, SPC4

Chief Happiness Officer

inspearit chief happiness officer

Thu-Thuy Trinh

After having completed a BA in Human Resources and a Master in Management and Communication, Thu-Thuy went to work in Ireland.
Back in France, she took on several jobs in Communication. Then, her natural kindness, optimism and dynamic personality convinced inspearit founder to hire her as a Chief Happiness Officer!

The transverse role of « Chief Happiness Officer» is to:
Strengthen company culture
Share the pride of belonging to inspearit
Ensure clear and transparent internal communication - Disputation
Encourage open rational discussions and debates - Ebullition
Open mindedness, thinking out of the box, sparking the brain cells to encourage change and innovation.
Owning the right to make mistakes » « Encouraging action » « Learning to work together rather than against each other»

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