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lean and continuous improvement services

Lean & Continuous Improvement

Improve the performance of the development and maintenance processes of systems, products and services.

Correct the dysfunctions that prove to be too expensive, not repetitive and unneffective.

The Lean principles applied to Development will allow you to reach a lasting level of operational excellence.

inspearit assists you in the analysis of the existing situation, the sharing of findings, the search for opportunities for improvement, the definition and follow-up of pragmatic and efficient action plans for continuous improvement.

Techniques and repositories used: CMMI, Obeya, Kanban, Six sigma, Change management.

Agile at scale services


18% of Companies state that they have reached a high level of agile maturity at enterprise level by fostering adaptations to market changes.

But first attempts at scaling is most of the time multiplying Agile scrum teams in the organization to reach the maximum of Agile project teams: that’s not enough!

Agile at scale can be used to synchronize a large number of Agile teams (integration…), deliver large programs involving multiple teams, accelerate value to business by organizing around value chains and scale to thousands of people connecting the portfolio of investments to Agile delivery trains.

inspearit is a gold SAFe Partner: we are 22 SAFe SPC coaches* (certified to launch trains and lead SAFe training) and 80 agile consultants certified around the world.

digital transformation services


We help our clients with innovating or transforming their products, services and organisation as they move toward the digital world.

The future is the reinvention of customer journeys using digital technologies and disruptive models. Therefore, innovation, collaboration, user centric, change management are the disciplines where inspearit’s experience can help the necessary transformation.

Our consultants are passionate about their customers and are experienced in the latest innovation tools: design thinking, lean UX, workplace, digital learning, agile frameworks and will help you to solve your problems.

agile training services


Our highly engaging and experiential programs teach concepts, techniques and fundamental mindset shifts.

inspearit teaches key topics you need to know for staying on top of your competitors and facilitates successful performance. We adjust to the cultural and maturity levels of the attendants.

inspearit delivers a mix of concepts and practical deployment through case studies and innovative animation. inspearit sessions are characterized by:

– Content and a pedagogical adapted approach

– Quality documentation

– … and trainers who share their experience with you.

In-house and public sessions are available in each of the inspearit countries. Visit the local site for schedules.

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