Financial Services

For a few years now, banks have been going through an unprecedent wave of transformation, driven by the arrival of innovative technologies and new usage.

Between regulatory pressures in International Finance and low margins driven by low interest rates, major banking organizations are now looking for new sources of performance without increasing their exposure to risk.

The leading edge of banks today is strongly linked to their digital DNA, and the transformation has to be achieved quickly as new innovative players arrive on the market. Keeping the banks running successfully will involve setting up new acquisition channels, improving customer relationships, by developing new innovative services.

In this particularly complex context, inspearit transformation portfolio can provide support for the major changes that need to be addressed, including notably the following services:

Definition and implementation of a global agilification roadmap, involving business lines and CIOs,  Enabling collaborative work, definition and articulation of feature teams,  Portfolio management through value Optimization of customer journeys (diagnosis and re-definition), Support to intrepreneurship.

Insurance Services

New growth drivers are to be identified in the insurance sector: development of multi-holding, loyalty of the insurance holder, diversification of the offer for example. The burden of regulation is added on top of these developments.

The rise of digital is forecasted based on the deep changes observed in customer usage. Insurance professionals agree that customer relationship and experience will be the key to loyal subscribers and to retain tomorrow’s clients.

Finally, new players in the distribution of insurance products – GAFA, BAT and Assurtechs in particular representing only the avant-garde – may shake up the time dimension of the necessary transformation.

In this digitizing landscape, inspearit works mainly on the following topics:

Assessment of customer journeys, existing tools and proposals for innovative evolutions; use of design thinking techniques, Digital maturity measurement and definition of a digitalisation roadmap, Deployment of culture and agile practices, Support to innovation.

Energy & Utilities

The world of energy & utilities is both global and local, sustainable and digital.

Energy companies need to adapt to rapid changes in the market and regulations, seize opportunities related to smart grids and new technologies, and be able to anticipate and optimize plant maintenance. To adapt to a market in complete transformation, the players in the Energy and Utilities sector must integrate the energy transition into action.

Finally, they are facing a profound disruption due to the arrival of new comers from the IT and Internet sectors. New service opportunities and simplified asset management through the Internet of Things will play a fundamental role.

In 2014, inspearit conducted a thorough environmental scan of the eco-system that demonstrated that most businesses are in touch with their customers via social media and customer forums. Companies that will be able to gain the trust of customers and develop local relationships will therefore flourish faster.

In this world of profound change, inspearit works with both manufacturers of increasingly sophisticated and connected electrical systems and components, and energy providers whose IT platforms and systems need to reinvent themselves and offer new innovative services. In this sector as in others, the deep transformation of organizations is a priority and inspearit provides advisory to:

Transversal functions – commerce, marketing, information systems, digital – for whom agilification is key, Connected product managers to support innovation, R & D teams to work upstream on cyber risk aspects.


The Aeronautics sector is experiencing a phase of tremendous growth: a launch of new programs and the emergence of new entrants, especially from Asia. The challenges of innovation, quality and time-to-market are immense.

The Defense sector must continue to invest in technologies in order to remain in the race for performance (standardization, customization of the fair, limitation of requisite iterations …) in a context of reduced budgets. In addition, European consolidation will take place in the coming years, requiring harmonization of transversal systems, industrial optimizations and cultural transformations.

In both areas, improving R & D efficiency and program management as well as increasing competitiveness and reducing cycles, especially through product policy (platforms and modularity) are and will be key.

Finally, the automotive sector gives priority to operational efficiency in order to improve its margins, when taken in a volatile global market. The views of Western consumers towards the automobile is also changing rapidly. Globalization, the increasing weight of regulations, the challenges of urbanization, the impacts of the digitalization of consumption patterns, call on all stakeholders to combine efficiency, flexibility and innovation.

inspearit solutions are particularly relevant to the needs of these three sectors. Notably, inspearit offers:

Mastering the continuous improvement of development and operational maintenance processes – based on the CMMI model for example, The adaptation and optimization of the methods and practices of program management, project portfolios and major projects, particularly through visual management and lean management, Setting up agility in research and development.

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