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  • 2 February 2018

    Why Your Strategy Is A Paper Tiger – by Jan Bosch

    All companies have a strategy. Often captured in a nicely designed PowerPoint deck and summarized on a piece of plastified paper so that everyone can look at it and share how much they are in support of the business strategy. These strategies allow everyone to sing kumbaya, sitting around the […]

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  • 3 December 2017

    It’s Not Technology That Is Holding Us Back – by Jan Bosch

    During another week on the road (Zurich, Paris and Stuttgart this time) and after discussions with dozens of people at the conferences and meetings, I noticed a pattern that repeats itself again and again in technology driven companies. For the latest major digitalization technologies, such as big data, IoT and […]

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  • 6 November 2017

    Design thinking and agility at scale: a perfect match! by Adrien Hembert

    Close philosophies, collaborative logic, iterative approaches, the establishment of multidisciplinary teams and a constant concern to place the user at the heart of the design process: on many points, Design Thinking and Agility share similarities. If Design Thinking is about identifying the “true” need and the solution to it (the […]

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